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Jake Locker injury update: Titans QB has a strained hip

When Jake Locker went down with a hip injury there was a fear that he would miss the rest of the season. Today a second MRI reveals there is no structural damage.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the statement from the Titans today on Jake Locker's hip injury:

"We received reassuring reports from the second MRI today and they confirmed that there was no major damage to Jake Locker’s hip joint – it is classified as a sprained hip. The area will need time to heal and strengthen, but he won’t require surgery and he has already begun a rehab routine for both his hip and knee. We certainly would expect him to miss a few weeks, but we are encouraged by the news today."

This is best case scenario. That report leaves hope that Locker could be back after the bye. That would mean he would only miss 3 games.

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