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NFL power rankings week 5: Where should the Titans rank?

The Tennessee Titans should continue their move up the NFL power rankings as they are released today. Just how high should the land?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

I had the Titans at #15 in my NFL power rankings last week. That was a little bit higher than a lot of people had them, but I have also watched this team play more than most of those people. There is no reason to not move them up a couple of spots after they beat a much heralded New York Jets team last week (but they aren't that good).

The problem for me is I don't really believe that they are better than the three teams right in front of them- Indianapolis, Atlanta and Green Bay. I can make a case that they are better than the Colts but not the other two.

My rankings will be out at 9. For now, where would you put the Titans?

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