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Revisiting 2012 Titans Predictions

Make yourself look brilliant and foolish right in the same thread. What 2012 predictions did you get right or wrong?


I was reading an article by SI's Don Banks that had him revisiting his predictions prior to the NFL draft and figured it'd be a great exercise to do here. I know alijeal had a fanpost prior to the season that you can find here. For everyone else we'll have to use the honour system. I broke mine up into Titans predictions and NFL predictions. Here you go:

Titans Predictions
What I Got Right:

  • Derrick Morgan would be really good
  • The Titans wouldn't win more than 7 games (or however you want to word it, I had them pegged for 7-9)
  • Jared Cook would remain inconsistent (Just call me Nostradamus)
What I Got Wrong:
  • Zach Brown wouldn't make an impact in 2012
  • The team's overall play would improve despite their record
  • Tommie Campbell would make an impact (at least he had a good view of the field this year!)
NFL Predictions
What I Got Right:
  • The Jaguars would be terrible and Chad Henne was the best option. He made that team a little more competitive, and I argued prior to the season he should've been the starter from the get-go in Jacksonville.
  • Atlanta would be the best team in the NFC (I also had them as my NFC Super Bowl rep)
  • The Jets would crumble. This one was so easy.
What I Got Wrong:
  • The Niners were going to slide back in the NFC West.
  • The Colts (okay partial credit - people scoffed when I said they'd win 6 games, little did I know they'd almost double that too)
  • Romeo Crennel would make the Chiefs decent. Oops.
Add your hits and misses in the comments!