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Titans Potential Safety Targets in Free Agency and the Draft

Some names the Titans could focus on in free agency and the draft to get help at the safety position.

Frederick Breedon

In the first of my mock free agency/draft scenarios, I am putting together a list of players who the Titans should take a look at.

The first position, which was one of the most glaring problems this past season was Safety. A lot times the middle of the field was wide open, with CB's having to do a lot of over the middle help this past season. It was a glaring problem to say the least. A lot of that could be contributed to Michael Griffin having to play the Strong Safety position more than usual (which he is not used too), and his own in-consistent play, and the carousel of Safety's playing this past season, due to injury or just poor play. I will say that the Titans did draft a potential steal in the last draft in Markelle Martin, but coming off injury in college and then being injured during camp we couldn't see his potential.

So with the uncertainty of Martin and the inconsistent play of Griffin, the Titans need an upgrade of some sort.

The free agent pool actually has some decent safeties out there.

The crown jewel of the Safety free agency class is 49er's Safety Dashon Goldson. He made the pro-bowl last year and is putting on another pro-bowl season. It's hard for me seeing the 49er's not tying him up to a long term deal after the season or slapping the franchise tag on him. His chances of being a Titan are slim, but if he test's the market the Titans should be the first to call him.

LaRon Landry of the Jets signed a one year deal this past season and earned himself a trip to Honolulu. I think some of that can be attributed to him playing the biggest media market, but he has still had a great season. His 28 years old, so he has some decent season's left.

Jarius Byrd of the Bills has shown flashes of potential, but has had the unfortunate luck of playing in Buffalo since he was a rookie. With the change of head coach's he could want out of upper-state New York and he wouldn't break the bank either.

Louis Delmas of Detroit had a great season in 2011, in fact he could've been a pro-bowler if it weren't for Goldson. Then he got hurt and was put on IR, so he is risky. Mainly because he won't want cheap money, and he is entering his prime. Detroit has said they are making it a priority to keep him, but if I were the Titans I would defiantly try to get him (unless he gets tagged).

Ed Reed is going to be a free agent, and as a Titan fan since their inception, that would be weird to see him in the Columbia blue. Still, he has made quite the career in Baltimore, and with them not getting any younger I could see him going into free agency to test out the waters. If the Titans are looking for a quick fix until Martin healthy becomes or they get a late pick they want to groom, they might want to take a chance.

There are some other names out the Titans could get for cheap money. Pat Chung, Jim Leonhard, Yeremiah Bell, or Kenny Phillips will be available.

The draft on the other hand doesn't have a Mark Barron in the group. The Titans could get a decent safety in the 2nd or 3rd depending on the 1st round selection.

Matt Elam of Florida is probably the top of the class for the most part. He played elite competition in the SEC and Florida plays a pro style defense that he can adjust to well. He's great over the middle and can lay a hit or two. He could go in the 1st round with most people tabbing him as the top of the safety class, with the Titans pressing needs at Guard and Pass Rusher I don't seem him being picked at 10th.

Kenny Vaccaro of Texas, is a bigger than Elam and has elite speed and awareness, but with Elam's experience in the SEC he seems to be the best pick at the position. Kenny is still pretty good, and playing in Manny Diaz's defense in Texas could benefit him. Texas defense has struggled the past couple of years, but Vaccaro has been a bright spot. He probably will slide to the second round and the Titans could pick him. We have seen how much they like Texas players.

Shawn Williams of Georgia and Eric Reid of LSU both played in the SEC and both played on great defenses in the nation. I put Reid above Williams, mainly because of learning from John Chavis in LSU. Two player's Chavis coached in LSU were guys named Patrick Peterson and Morris Claiborne, so he knows a thing or two on how to make a player great. Williams is just good also, he's got some size to him and if he slides to the 3rd and the Titans are steal looking for a Safety, he could be the guy. It's hard seeing Eric Reid going past the 2nd, but if he does I hope he is in a Titans jersey at the beginning of camp.

There are some other potential players who could be around the 4-6th for Tennessee. Phillip Thomas of Fresno, Robert Lester of Alabama, CJ Barnett of Ohio State, T.J. McDonald of USC and a couple others will be around.

There will be some talent for that position and the Titans are in need of that.