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Some Optimistic Thoughts on the Titans

It's been getting kinda rough around here at MCM. Let's take a breather and reflect on what good there was in 2012 and what may be in our future.


I wanted to type this up as a thread for positiveness. It's the end of football season for the Titans, and everyone is getting a little chippy. We need to actually reflect on the season and see what was actually good. With that comes looking at the future and seeing what is positive and what could be done. I DO NOT mean changes to the coaching staff. It appears that there won't be changes; thus, there is no reason to discuss such a hot and touchy subject here at MCM. I mean that we should look at the draft prospects and discuss who we think would fit and succeed most, leading us to succeed the most that we can. On that note, we could also discuss free agency in 2012.

To start this off, I'd like to post my favorite memory of the 2012 season. I didn't get to watch a lot of games due to my work schedule; however, one of the few games I got to watch was my favorite since the Ravens game of 2011: The Steelers game. It was so amazing getting to watch our Titans defeat Pittsburgh on Primetime Television. Hasselbeck had a pretty good game for a backup, and the team had life. Did it give false hope for 2012? Yes. Did it give false hope for 2013 and the future? Nobody knows. If our teams can play like that in 2013 more consistently, we could have a pretty good team season.

I really hope that we can beat the Chargers in 2013. I really do more than almost anything.

Discuss, MCM. Discuss.

(And GIFs and memes are welcomed- they've been lacking recently)