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Titans Fan Guide: The BCS National Championship Game

The latest game to end all games is here. ROLL TIDE

one of these men will lift the crystal ball. Who will it be?
one of these men will lift the crystal ball. Who will it be?
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

2013 BCS National Title game

January 7, 2013 8 PM ESPN

(1) Notre Dame vs (2) Alabama

The two most historically decorated college football teams meet to do battle in Miami to determine the penultimate BCS champion. The calm and cool exterior of Nick Saban versus the high strung liable to have a face redder than a tomato Brian Kelly. Houndstooth vs the Golden Dome. Knute, Ara, and Lou versus The Bear and Saint Nick. The hated Yankees invading the South once more. A predominant northern religious sect against a way of life called the religion of the south. The north who view college football as a quaint distraction to pass the fall Saturdays. The south where even the reverends, nuns, bishops can be quiet as a flock of church mice on Sundays but on Saturdays, join tens of thousands of close friends to rally on their beloved troops at such places as Bryant Denny, Death Valley, and Between the Hedges. Who will win? This is why college football is so much greater than the NFL at times. The tradition, pageantry, passion all combined into one to make a sport so scintillating to watch for so many.

Notre Dame prospects:

LB Manti Te'o, RB Cierre Wood, DL Stephon Tuitt, DL Louis Nix III

Alabama prospects:

QB AJ McCarron, RB Eddie Lacy, LB Nico Johnson, LB CJ Mosely, CB Dee Milliner, S Robert Lester, OL Barrett Jones, OL Chance Warmack, OL DJ Fluker