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Ron Jaworski Ranks Titans QB Jake Locker 29th QB in NFL

It was a rough year for Jake Locker, but his place in these rankings is even rougher.

Joe Robbins

Ron Jaworski has put out his quarterback rankings for the 2012 NFL season (In$ider). As you might imagine, it was kind of brutal for Jake Locker. In fact, Jaws ranks Locker 29th of the 32 NFL starting quarterbacks.

Here is what Jaws had to say about Locker:

I think Locker has shown good feel in the pocket, but I'd like to see improved foot movement. At times he looked a little slow-footed and I think he could benefit from a solid dose of agility drills in the offseason. That said, inaccuracy remains his biggest issue.

The accuracy thing really is the scariest part about where Locker is. You can throw out any numbers you want, but if you watch him play week in and week out, and are being honest with yourself, you can see that if he doesn't get more accurate than he is right now he will never make it as an NFL quarterback- not saying that he cannot get more accurate, but it is going to be bad news if he doesn't.

The three quarterbacks that Locker ranks ahead of are Brady Quinn, Mark Sanchez and Brian Hoyer. That is not exactly the company you want to be keeping.