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Titans Center Fernando Velasco Had A Very Good Year

Football Outsiders published the best and worst offensive lineman of the season in terms of sacks given up per snap. The Titans had a player on both.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Football Outsiders has a post about the best and worst offensive lineman in terms of sacks give up per snap played. To no one surprise, our very own Leroy Harris appears on the list of worst offensive lineman in the league in terms of snaps given up per snap. He gave up 5.5 sacks in 434 snaps- 4th worst in the league.

I guess it is safe to assume that part of the reason Jake Locker was able to stay healthy after coming back from the shoulder injury was because Harris was no longer a part of the offensive line.

On the good side, Fernando Velasco played 997 snaps without giving up a single sack. He was one of just 12 lineman to play more than 500 snaps without giving up a sack.

Who was first on that list? Chad Chris Myers (1,128 snaps), who the Titans had in for a visit during the free agency period but did not sign.

Now some say that Myers never intended on playing anywhere but Houston, but can you imagine an offensive line that had Myers at center, Velasco at guard and Harris on the sideline?