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The not so negative slant on Dowell Loggains as Titans OC

Are we fighting dumpster fires that aren't there?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I've been saying for over a month now that there's no way Dowell Loggains remains as our offensive coordinator, and anything less than a homerun in the hiring of the next offensive coordinator will doom this entire regime, Jake Locker's career and ticket sales for the next five years.

As it stands now, most of the news leaking out of BSP sounds more like a catcher laying down a bases-empty bunt than a homer.

Barring a sudden shift in favor of Tom Moore, who turns 75 next November, Dowell Loggains seems to be the leading candidate to retain the full-time OC position. This line of thought became even clearer once news broke that we were interviewing QB coaches, a spot left vacant by Loggains' ascension.

It's easy to leap right to the idea that what we saw over the final month of the season is what we'd see next season with Loggains at the helm. That's a mistake. Loggains and Munchak both made it clear when Palmer was fired that Dowell wouldn't even attempt to implement his offense this season. His primary move was to strip down Chris Palmer's concepts. So to take those few games as a representation of what Dowell wants to run isn't fair, and almost certainly isn't accurate.

For all of the frustration it's causing Titans fans, there are two underrepresented benefits to giving our own little wunderkind the reigns:

First of all, the players like him. If you look back at the season's media arc, it's pretty evident that all of player sniping and complaining about the offense magically disappeared when Loggains took over. The day after Palmer's firing, several players went out of their way to declare their excitement about playing for their new young OC.

Secondly, nobody in the league knows these offensive skill players better than Loggains, so he's perfectly suited to do what we've wanted to see for years: implement an offense custom designed to fit his players.

Is he up to the hefty task that will be laid before him as offensive coordinator going into such a pivotal year? I can't say for sure. But lets at least be fair enough to acknowledge that nobody knows for sure either.

If destiny favors the bold, then you can't get much more bold than Munch handing the reigns over to a 32 year-old alleged prodigy in your make or break year.

* p.s. The Tice move ain't happening. While Tice was head coach for some amazingly successful Vikings offenses, but he never won anything of import and left Minnesota in shame. Since then, he's been a certified coach killer at every stop (Jack del Rio in Jacksonville, Lovie Smith in Chicago). This year he took an offense stacked with experienced skill players and navigated them to the 26th spot in FO's DVOA rankings; just three spots above our own floundering crew.