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Titans Offensive Coordinator Search Update

Welcome to your 2013 Tennessee Titans season- same as the 2012 Tennessee Titans season.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Terry McCormick reported last night that Mike Tice is expected to interview with the Titans for the offensive coordinator position. You might remember that Mike Munchak wanted to interview Tice back in 2011 but was denied permission. Unfortunately, it looks like the interview will take place this time.

Jim Wyatt said he expects Dowell Loggains to be the coordinator in 2013. Wyatt usually has really good information about these things because the organization gives everything to him first. So that is where I would put my money.

Look, I know I get accused of being to negative about this team, but there is absolutely no reason to believe this team will be any better in 2013 if the offensive coordinator is Loggains or Tice. I understand that Loggains was thrown into a tough spot, but his play calling, something he had complete control over, was a complete disaster. I have seen more than one person describe it as "throwing stuff against the wall to see what fits."

And don't even get me started on Jerry Gray....