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Why Listen to Last Night's MCM Radio?

Oh, let us count the reasons...

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Why Listen to Last Night's MCM Radio?

Last night Danomite and I did an entire hour with first-time MCM Radio guest Greg Arias, who covers the Titans beat for and lets just say, it was a monster episode. Very rarely do we have a guest on who can cover a decade worth of Titans and NFL bases like Greg did, and it was a delight.

So, why should you listen to last night's MCM Radio?

  • What does Greg think about the Titans chances of keeping Jared Cook?
  • Is Kenny Britt a dumb-dumb, and does he have a chance of getting re-signed after next season?
  • Who do Dan, Greg and I like as later-round sleepers for the Titans?
  • What was the AW-appropriate music intro?

Find out all of that and more by streaming the episode below, or downloading it from our iTunes feed.
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