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Tennessee Titans News Links: Videos, Videos, and More Videos

Your daily serving of Titans' linkage in one place!

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Frederick Breedon

Not a lot of links today, and the ones we do have are mostly videos, so enjoy!

Moss spoke to Wyatt about his tenure with the Titans. This stood out to me.

"… there were some things going on in-house that I probably won’t speak upon until I write my book. So it’s something I’ll keep until I put it in ink."

The Tennessean did a poll, and 58 percent said Kenny Britt has been more of a hassle than anything.

NFL films does a "Sound FX" of the Signal Callers, and it just reminded me of why I hate Phillip Rivers so much.

Another "Sound FX" of In the Trenches, brought to you again by NFL Flims.

Last but not least, "Sound FX" of fun during the game. I find Jay Cutler to be pretty amusing in this video. Also Marshawn Lynch telling Pete Carroll, he'll just "read it" was pretty great too.

Quote of the Day: "Computers are useless. They can only give you answers." -Picasso