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Grading the Titans Final Report Card

CBS graded the Titans season. I graded their grading.

Jonathan Daniel

CBS apparently has a beat writer for the Tennessee Titans. Who knew? Anyway, he has published a season report card for the Titans.

It is hard to argue with much of what he said about the offense, but I am not sure how you give them a final grade of C-. Anything above an F seems too high.

The thing that concerns me is that most of his commentary on the defense is positive:

The improvement of coordinator Jerry Gray's inexperienced defense toward the latter stages of the season is encouraging. In a six-week stretch late in the season, the Titans ranked in the top 10 in the league in sacks per game, interceptions, third-down defense and points allowed per game....

Now there is nothing there that isn't true. In fact, I wrote just that before the game against the Packers, but I also said the Packers game was a major test, and it was a test that Gray failed miserably.

Here is all you need to know, the defense game up a franchise high in points this season. Period.

Sure, there are all kinds of excuses that can be made up for the amount of points they gave up, but the bottom line is a franchise record in points allowed. It is inexcusable to defend Gray.