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Titans Will Not Renew RB Coach Jim Skipper's Contract

Skipper out as running back coach for the Titans.


Adam Schefter is reporting that the Titans will not be renewing the contract of running back's coach Jim Skipper. Skipper has only been with the team for two seasons.

This is hopefully the first of what will be many changes to Munch's staff. I was sure hoping the first news we would get about a coach not coming back was Jerry Gray, but it seems that all indications at this point are that Gray will be back.

One important point when discussing the moves that the Titans make on the coaching staff, most of the coaches just worked the last year of their deals. Mike Munchak won't have to fire those guys. He will just simply decline to bring them back.

It is hard to say how good of a job Skipper did or didn't do. Chris Johnson had a really bad year last year, but there were a lot of factors outside of Skipper's control that went into that.

The Titans also haven't developed a back-up running back behind CJ, but Skipper probably has very little influence on the personnel decisions. It is not his fault that Jamie Harper isn't any good.