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Florida S Matt Elam Declares For NFL Draft

Matt Elam, who the Titans should be drooling over, has decided to forego his senior year at Florida and enter the draft.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida Times Union is reporting that Florida S Matt Elam will forego his senior year and enter the NFL draft. Elam is a hard hitting, sure tackling safety that would look really good in the two-toned blue. Most people think he has some work to do with his coverage skills, but there is no doubt he can be a presence on the back end of the defense.

Here is what Optimum Scouting had to say about him:

Making plays all over the field with his plus closing speed and instincts, Matt Elam looks a lot like former Texas safety and current Seattle Seahawks NFL’er Earl Thomas. Running down the alley under control, squaring up the ball carrier and exploding through the ball carrier, Elam is an absolute force in the running game. In two words, Elam is an explosive tackler. Beyond his hitting power though, Elam has his fair share of struggles in man coverage, lacking the proper drive angles and closing confidence to prevent short-to-intermediate pass completions. Elam’s lack of height and plus coverage skills may knock him down a round or two, but his overall impact and aggression as a "robber safety" in a cover one scheme, certainly warrants a 3rd or 4th round grading.

Think about it this way, the Titans don't have safety that does anything well right now. Elam would give them a guy that could help in run support right away. They could work with him to improve his cover skills.

Like the scouting report says, his lack of plus skills in that department knocks him down a couple of rounds. He would be a really good value for the Titans in the 3rd or 4th round.