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Gregg Williams and the Titans: Some Thoughts on Snitches...

and the Idiots Who Care About Them.


When news broke yesterday that the Titans are poised to sign Gregg Williams as the Assistant Coach once/if Roger Goodell is reinstated the reaction from most MCMers (and many Titans fans at large) were positive. Jerry Gray has taken just as much, if not more, of a beating than Munchak since the season ended. Adding Williams in a coaching capacity, even if he's not the official DC, makes tons of sense: Bud, Munch and Gray all know and respect Gregg Williams as a coach and a man, and they're clearly of the opinion that his one year suspension for his role in Bounty-gate is punishment enough.

I'm inclined to agree. In terms of public opinion, Williams is clearly being held to a higher standard than his coach or his players because of his reputation and that repugnant pre-game recording. Why is that?

Because our culture at large has an absurd attachment to the idea that telling the truth after you've done something wrong is a betrayal of brethren. "Snitching" has taken on a mythical-level derogatory meaning that, while hilarious when used ironically, is self-serving, socially destructive and useful only to perpetuate immoral activity.

In spite of what you may have heard from the mob and cheap mixtapes, there's no honor in falling on a grenade for fellow conspirators. The difference between a whistleblower and a snitch is usually what side of the case you're on.

So is Gregg Williams a snitch for naming Jonathan Vilma in his statements to Roger Goodell? Sure, if that's what you want to label it as. The real question is, will that be an issue in the Titans' lockeroom?

I hope not, because Williams has a lot of things not a soul on this defense has: a resume, a ring and a lot to teach about how to play defense in the NFL.

Any player in Baptist Sports Park would be writing Williams off as a ‘snitch' at their own peril, and to their own detriment.