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Schefter: Tennessee Titans Poised To Sign Gregg Williams



Adam Schefter is reporting that the Titans have met with Gregg Williams, and the two sides seem poised to come to terms should Roger Goodell reinstate the disgraced, but successful, coach next week. Apparently Munchak and the front office met with Williams to discuss adding him as the assistant head coach, and the talks went well. No contract can be signed until Goodell officially reinstates Williams from indefinite suspension related to Bounty-gate, but this is about as good-a news as we can get right now.

Gregg Williams is as familiar a name to any Titans fan as you're going to find. Adding him to the coaching staff, especially to help out his longtime protégé Jerry Gray, is a move that would go a very long way to giving a boost to a defense that started to show signs of life late last year. Williams' defenses are built on aggressive blitzing and multiple looks in the front seven, which is a goal Jerry Gray has set but not achieved yet in Nashville.

Despite the baggage Williams brings with him over the Bounty issue that ended his tenure in New Orleans and St. Louis, there's no doubt that Williams brings a fire and brilliance this coaching staff is sorely lacking.

I hate to get excited to early, but when was the last time we saw a coaching hire nearly every MCMer could get behind???