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Pro Bowl 2013: An alternative idea

What should the NFL do instead of the Pro Bowl?

Kent Nishimura

There is a lot of complaining about the Pro Bowl, and I agree that it is pointless, but the NFL is going to keep running it out there as long as people are watching. The number of viewers last year was something like 12 million. As Paul Kuharsky said on Twitter earlier today, if you want them to get rid of the game, don't watch it.

I would love to see them do a skills competition like they do the night before the NBA All-Star game, but I think that players probably wouldn't want to do that anymore than they want to play in the game.

The best thing they could do is just send everyone to Hawaii for a week and have an awards banquet. They should do it after the Super Bowl, and they can announce all of the postseason awards. It could be a red carpet event. Players would be a lot more likely to attend something like that.