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Mel Kiper Draft Grades: Re-Grading the 2012 NFL Draft

Mel Kiper has re-graded the 2012 draft. See if the Titans grade went up or down.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Mel Kiper originally gave the Tennessee Titans a C+ for their 2012 draft. His biggest problem with the draft was the fact that the Titans didn't feel the need they had at defensive end. Many of us had the same complaint.

Anyway, Kiper regraded the draft, and now he has give the Titans a C (In$ider):

The Titans took care of what I considered their top need going into the draft when they took Kendall Wright out of Baylor at No. 20 overall. Wright didn't show off the upside of a star, but he did rack up 64 catches and contributed to a passing game that got extremely uneven quarterback play. I thought defensive end was a big need for the Titans, but the first defensive end they drafted was Taylor Thompson out of SMU, the caveat being that Thompson had converted to tight end. He did see some reps in that role, but there's plenty of development left. Zach Brown was a solid if unspectacular linebacker who ended up starting 12 games for the Titans. He figures to hold down the starting role heading into 2013. Mike Martin did a pretty good job as a rotational defensive tackle, and showed an ability to penetrate and aid the pass rush. This draft created some early roster help, but after a season looks light on upside. Better QB play might be the difference, as Wright still has a chance to be a major contributor at wide receiver as he develops.

I think there is a lot of upside in the first three picks, but I would agree that it gets slim after that.