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Darrelle Revis Trade Rumors: Should the Titans Inquire?

The New York Jets are reportedly shopping the best cornerback in football. Should the Titans try to get him?

Al Bello

Jason LaCanfora has reported that the New York Jets are interested in trading cornerback Darrelle Revis, who Gang Green Nations says might be the greatest corner of all-time. I think that is probably going a little far based on his short body of work, but there is no doubt he is one of the best playing right now. He is a guy that can lock down one side of the field.

KG broke down the play of the Titans corners in 2012, and the conclusion is that the Titans have two solid corners. As he said at the end of his article, you really need three to be effective in today's NFL.

That brings us to the subject of Revis. While there is no doubt that he would mean a major upgrade to the defense- he and Jason McCourty could play outside and Alterraun Verner could move inside- it is not worth what it would cost the Titans.

In order to acquire Revis Island, the Titans would have to give up the #10 pick this year and probably another really high pick either this year or next. It would be a good move to make if they were just Revis away from being a Super Bowl contender, but we all know that the Titans have numerous holes they need to fill in order to be a serious contender.