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Senior Bowl 2013: Thursday Practice Report

Day 4 is in the books!

Datone Jones helping Taylor Martinez be the Taylor Martinez we all know and love
Datone Jones helping Taylor Martinez be the Taylor Martinez we all know and love
Stephen Dunn


Here's a touching story about EJ Manuel and his mother. He may not have had the ideal career at FSU but he's a great ambassador of the program that set the foundation for the return to glory. I'll miss that guy.


Mike Loyko has his thoughts here on Wednesday's practice

Matt Bowen of NFP shares his thoughts on practice on Wednesday looks at Day 3 as well here

Mike Mayock and Charles Davis break down the winners of the week here

Eric Galka of Optimum Scouting goes into film coverage here

Russ Lande gives his take on who struggled the most this week

My take on the practices

Thursday is basically a bonus non contact walk through practice for both teams in shells and special teams work. After the practices are over, the players and coaches will do more media work and more importantly, give back to the community by visiting hospitals around the area. All the hard work was done on Tuesday and Wednesday in full pads for everyone involved. There's not much left to be ascertained at this point in the week. Some teams stick around for the whole week while most leave either Wednesday night or right after practice today. Teams will go home from Mobile and reevaluate their boards, talk to their scouts, get ready for the Combine in February, etc. With all that said, I'll have a recap post out on Friday after going over all of my notes once more.