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Listen to Last Night's MCM Radio

Williams, Revis and Callers Galore!

Chris McGrath

Last night Danomite and I recorded another episode of MCM Radio, but it's safe to say it was the callers who stole the show. Why should you listen to last night's episode? Oh, let me count the reasons:

  • Where else are you going to get Titans talk from fans stretching from New Jersey to Michigan to Texas to Texas to KG's mystery Doomsday Preppers bunker and all points in between?
  • Where else will you hear what real Titans fans would give for Derrell Revis, if the Jets are serious about trading him?
  • How else will you know what rockin' theme show music I picked for the intro?
  • What other crew would define if our WR corps are more "The bee's-knees" or "Whoopsie Daisies"???
  • And where else will you be able to hear Dan and I rattle on after the 1 hour live show ended?

Nowhere else! So please, stream it through BTR's feed below, or download it through iTunes (and how about a 5 star review while you're there!) for all of that MCM Radio goodness and more.

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