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Should the Titans Make a Run at Gregg Williams?

Now that it seems almost certain Gregg Williams will be reinstated to the NFL, would it be smart for Mike Munchak to bring him in?


It was announced yesterday that Gregg Williams is free to look for a job, and that his reinstatement to the league will be evaluated if he does find a job. That seems like a bass ackwards way of doing things, but such is life with Roger Goodell.

Williams being available brings up the obvious question about a return to the Tennessee Titans. There are really two questions there:

1. Should the Titans bring in Williams?

2. Will the Titans bring in Williams.

The answer to #1 is easy- Yes, the Titans should bring in Williams. Just about anyone would be an upgrade for Jerry Gray, and that includes a guy who has been suspended from the league for the past season. Williams isn't the coordinator he once was, but he would be an upgrade.

The answer to #2 is also easy, unfortunately. Mike Munchak is not getting rid of Gray, and he probably wouldn't go with Williams if he did. Munch and Williams couldn't be an further apart on the personality spectrum. That doesn't seem like a match that would work very well.