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Super Bowl 2013 Odds and Annoying Story Lines

Seriously, that picture is hilarious. There are a lot of annoying story lines, but the Ray Lewis final game one has to be the worst.

This picture cracks me up for so many reasons.
This picture cracks me up for so many reasons.
Streeter Lecka

Ol' Gramsey said on Facebook the other day that he is not listening to sports talk radio until March because of this Super Bowl. It is hard to argue with that because the most talked about thing for the next two weeks, and far after that if the Ravens end up winning, is going to be Ray Lewis's retirement. That is why I desperately want the 49ers to win.

There is no doubt Ray-Ray has had a Hall of Fame career, but I still can't get over how his involvement in the murder in Atlanta in 2000 has just been forgotten. Has any other player ever gotten such a pass? I can't think of one.

This is a year where you really wish there was only one week between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl...

This year I have gotten interested in watching point spreads. I don't gamble, and if you followed my picks this season you can see why, but the lines are interesting to me. The 49ers are currently a 4 point favorite, and "if I were a betting man," I would be all over that. San Francisco clearly looks like the better team here, but the Ravens shocked the world by knocking off the Patriots. Maybe God really does want Ray Lewis to go out on top....