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MCM Radio Needs Your Support

Calling all ye MCM faithful

Grant Halverson

I have to admit, this post has taken hours for me to write, because it's just weird to be asking for favors from you. MCM is a pleasant corner of the Internet where we can share our passion for the Titans with minimal strings attached. My hope is that no one will be turned off by this request:

As many of the old-timers around MCM probably remember, our subscription to Blog Talk Radio, which we use to produce and distribute MCM Radio, isn't free. In order to bring you shows with the length, frequency and primetime scheduling you deserve, we have to utilize BTR's premium package. It's only $40.00 a month, but over the course of a year that starts to add up to a point we can't really afford. So, back when BTR moved to a pay service in early 2011, you guys did an amazing job stepping up and helping us keep MCM Radio practical.

Now, we're asking for your help once more. We're asking for donations of any size at via PayPal to help fund the future of MCM Radio. Every cent you donate will be used to help pay for the show, and each donation will be majorly appreciated. We'll keep the site updated every few days so you guys will know how the drive is going, and if you have any questions you can leave them in the comment section below, email me at or email Jimmy at and we'll respond.

And, as a special prize, the largest donor will get to co-host a full episode of MCM Radio! If that's not your gig, then we'll work out some alternate perk.