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AFC Championship Game Time, Broadcast Team, Odds and More

I really wish there was a way where both teams could lose this game.

Kevin C. Cox

The AFC Championship game kicks off at 5:30 central and will be broadcast on CBS by Jim Nantz and Phil Simms- who is more annoying than Joe Buck. The Patriots are an eight point home favorite in this one. I don't expect it to be that close.

If we are being honest here, there is no way the Ravens should still be playing. Peyton Manning and the Denver defense handed them last week's game on a silver platter. New England is the much better team here and should win going away.

The one thing that the Ravens have going for them is that Joe Flacco has played really well on the road this season. He will need to have an out of his mind effort for his team to win this game. That is what elite quarterbacks do, and he has the chance to back up his words in this one.

I hate the Ravens. Go Patriots! Pats 31-17