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MCM Radio: The End of the Reign of Reinfeldt

Live tonight at 9:00 central.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Your faithful crew of MCM screwballs will record another electric edition of MCM Radio tonight, live at 9:00 Central. Dan and I are in, and there's a chance Jimmy will be available for the show as well. Either way, we'll be talking shop and taking calls.

We'll cover our thoughts and theories regarding why Bud's hammer fell on the head of Mike Reinfeldt, as well as our thoughts on the comments coming out of the organization as a whole. Beyond those developments we'll discuss the upcoming offseason schedule, free agency and maybe even this weekend's playoff match-ups.

You can click here to listen live, join in the chat and get the call-in number if you're brave enough to let us know what you're thinking. If you can't make the live show, you can always download the show it almost immediately through iTunes as a podcast, or stream it live at the BTR site.