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The 2012 Titans Draft Review

It's that time again! Another season is in the books and it's time to review how our crop of rookies held up since the midseason review.

Kendall Wright doing his best Desmond Howard Heisman pose
Kendall Wright doing his best Desmond Howard Heisman pose
Andy Lyons

You can find the midseason review here.

1.20 Kendall Wright WR Baylor

Analysis - Well, it wasn't the end we were looking for but a solid rookie year nonetheless. The change in coordinators and stagnant play calling had an impact on Wright. There are brighter days ahead for him as he gains more chemistry with Jake Locker and learns a new playbook (hopefully the one given by the new OC). The rib injury did not keep him out of the finale but had a visible impact. As the offense improves from horrifically terrible to league average, he should make that jump as well.

old Pick Grade: B+

new Pick Grade: A-

2.52 Zach Brown LB UNC

Analysis - The stretch run to the end was a great one for him. Brown played lights out, registering big hits, sacks and picks on his way to a spectacular rookie campaign. The two pick 6s against the Jags showed why we took him. A speed merchant he is. Mr. Mayock, no, Brown isn't allergic to contact.

old Pick Grade: B

new Pick Grade: A

3.82 Mike Martin DT Michigan

Analysis - Martin like Brown and Wright before him, turned in a solid rookie year. He was very consistent at making plays (his helmet shows it). MM allows us to absorb the loss of Marks should he choose to walk in free agency. Casey and Martin have shown flashes of what they could be as a feared duo for years to come.

old Pick Grade: A

new Pick Grade: A

4.115 Coty Sensabaugh CB Clemson

Analysis - He showed flashes of what he could become as he gained more playing time over the ineffectual Ryan Mouton. It was a struggle at first but improved as the year went along. I expect him to improve steadily like McCourty did and play the third corner role well.

old Pick Grade: C

new Pick Grade: C+

5.145 Taylor Thompson TE SMU

Analysis - It wasn't an ideal campaign for this rookie but that is to be expected coming off a position change. He needs to improve a lot over the offseason if Jared Cook isn't resigned. It's still too early to throw him in the bust category as he needs more time to get it together.

old Pick Grade: B

new pick Grade: C

6.190 Markelle Martin S Oklahoma State

Analysis - Not much can be parsed from Martin as he was put on Injury Reserve when it became clear he needed the extra time to heal up.

old Pick Grade: C+

new Pick Grade: Incomplete

7.211 Scott Solomon DE Rice

Analysis - Solomon wasn't expected to contribute much of anything and he delivered by being passed up by a free agent Jarious Wynn of Packers fame. It's only a seventh round pick, however so no big loss worth crying about.

old Pick Grade: B

new Pick Grade: C

Overview - Webster hit on 4 or 5 (depending on your view on Thompson) of 7 picks, which is a solid number in any year. Hitting on the first three picks so well is a very good sign for this team going forward. I look forward to 2013 and the pending contributions from Markelle Martin (well it can't get any worse than Mike Whiffin, right?) and Thompson the most. After reading the articles on how bad Reinfeldt's drafts were, it gives me some sort of hope to look forward to now that he is fired. Overall Grade: A