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Tennessee Titans Links: No News is Better Than Bad News

Your daily serving of Titans linkage in one place!

I know the feeling
I know the feeling
Wesley Hitt

Unfortunately there is not much Titans news so far today. So right to the links!

Jim Skipper has a new job. With the Carolina Panthers. I wish him well as he starts his second stint with that organization. gives a pretty good segment on the Jumbotron. Our buddy Marc Mariani makes a brief appearance.

Former Titan Chris Sanders gives an opinion on what the Titans should do this offseason. He loses credibility when he says Griff is a great player. I like Griff the person, but in no way is he a great player.

Mike Mayock gives his opinion on Te'o and how teams should approach him in "the process".

UNC RB Giovani Bernard gets on NFL network withBucky Brooks and highlights several of his plays. I think that Bernard is the best RB in this draft class. However, if we are looking for a change of pace back, this is not the route to take as he is a speedster, but can catch the ball well out of the backfield.

Will Ed Reed be on a

franchise other than the Ravens next year? Also some notes from the Shrine game practices. wonders if the Rooney Rule is truly working.

Quote of the Day: "Last weekend, I outran a black pepper snake." - Dwight Schrute