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Titans Fan Guide: All Star Game Edition

The NFL Players Association is sponsoring a college all star game of their own

Jordan Rodgers. Was the bowl game a sneak preview of LP Field for him?
Jordan Rodgers. Was the bowl game a sneak preview of LP Field for him?
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports


When: Saturday January 19, 2013 6:00 PM ESPN


American HC: Herm Edwards

National HC: Dick Vermeil

The American assistants are led by recently fired Colorado HC Jon Embree as OC and Martin Bayless (no relation to Skip) as DC. Amp Lee, one of the most underrated RBs during the FSU dynasty run in the 90s is the RB coach. Our good buddy, Kevin Mawae is the co OL coach. Hall of Famer WR Art Monk is coaching the inside WRs. Speed demon Darrell Green is the co DB coach along with former NFL safety Robert Griffith. Special teams coaching ace Larry MacDuff coaches ST and DTs.

On Dick Vermeil's staff, Priest Holmes is the RB coach, future Hall of Famer Will Shields coaches the OL, Rams legend Isaac Bruce coaches outside WRs. Former NFL DB Ray Crockett is the DB coach. Former UNC HC John Bunting is the DC and LB coach.

Players to watch:


QB #10 Dayne Crist Kansas - The ND transfer who followed Charlie Weis out of town to Kansas.

QB #12 Jeffery Tuel Washington State - A guy with a cannon arm and is a little slow of foot. Let's see if he learned the offensive genius of Mike Leach during his senior season in 2012.

RB #21 DJ Monroe Texas - A little used utility back from Texas that's more suited to play in the slot.

C #51 Mario Benavides Louisville - The guy who led the way for Teddy Bridgewater and co. #3 Center on my big board.

LB #59 Bruce Taylor Virginia Tech - A very good and consistent 'backer that played well for Bud Foster and has teams sniffing around in the region of a 3rd or 4th round pick.

WR #81 Sam McGuffie Rice - The original Youtube sensation for his insane highlights from high school (seriously go look him up). A Michigan transfer during the ill fated Rich Rodriguez era.


QB #12 Jordan Rodgers Vanderbilt - Younger brother of Aaron. He's a good athlete in his own right as well. I wouldn't mind it if he was brought in to back up Locker.

RB/FB #32 Isi Sofele Cal - The next guy in line that was supposed to take the Cal RB tradition but had some trouble getting going thanks to a bad team. He's very consistent in his actions.

RB/FB #34 Richard Samuel Georgia - He was Knowshon Moreno's backup, moved to LB, moved back to RB when injuries there hit hard, and became the backup to booted off the team Isiah Crowell last year. In 2012, he backed up freshman studs Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley. By all accounts, he was nothing but a consummate pro and great teammate about the situation.

You can find the rest of the rosters here