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Coming to Grips with Jerry Gray as the Titans 2013 Defensive Coordinator

Jerry Gray is STILL the Titans defensive coordinator. None of us know why, but we have to move on.


Jerry Gray is going to be the defensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans in 2013. Yes, the same Jerry Gray that was at the helm of the worst defense in franchise history. That man still has a job.

There is no logical reason for Gray to still be here. While his defense did improve as the year went along, they only had one way to go after how poorly they played, and they showed their true colors again in Green Bay when they faced a good offense. Mike Munchak says Gray "weathered the storm" this season. I still don't understand how you get credit for weathering a storm you created, but you do in the eyes of Mike Munchak.

Look, I am as upset about this as anyone. I said on Twitter, and was told I was being dramatic, that every Titans fan should be disgusted if Gray is still the DC in 2013. Well he is and you should be, but at some point we have to just accept it and move on.

With that being said, I offer up this thread as the cleanse for all of your ill feelings about Jerry Gray. So let them rip...say whatever you want about Gray and the fact that he is still in here in this thread, and then let's move on to other things. No doubt the anger will resurface once we see this team on the field again, but none of us need to be angry for the next nine months. It just isn't healthy.