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Titans Name Nate Kaczor Special Teams Coach

The Titans announce Alan Lowry's successor, and it is hard to believe that it will be an upgrade.


Jim Wyatt is reporting that the Tennessee Titans have named Nate Kaczor the special teams coach. That position became open last week when Mike Munchak decided, according to Wyatt, that the team had tuned out long-time successful special teams coach Alan Lowry. Kaczor was on the Titans' staff this past year as an assistant offensive line coach. That position, naturally, made him the best candidate to coach special teams.

In all seriousness, Kaczor was an assistant special teams coach with the Jacksonville Jaguars for four years- so there's that.

As with the Chet Parlavecchio announcement, I don't see any reason to be excited or unexcited about this move. I have a hard time believing that this guy is going to be an upgrade from Lowry, but who knows?

What I don't understand, still, is how in the world Jerry Gray is still the defensive coordinator of this team, but there are some things in life that are not meant for me to understand.