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Kenny Britt Met With New Jersey Police Today

Hopefully this was the final step in Britt putting this incident behind him.


Jim Wyatt has tweeted that Kenny Britt met with the New Jersey police today to talk about what happened at the party he attended Saturday night/Sunday morning that led to him taking a friend who had been stabbed to the hospital. Wyatt asked the NJPD police captain, Edgar Martinez (not the former Mariners' designated hitter who had the prettiest right-handed swing every), if Britt was considered anything more than a witness in the case. Martinez refused to comment on that.

Hopefully, this is about the end of this story and Britt will be nothing more than a witness. There is nothing to suggest that he has done anything wrong here, but unfortunately Britt does not get the benefit of the doubt anymore because of his history. The only weird thing is that it took him so long to talk to the police about what happened that night, but you might just be able to chalk that up to immaturity.