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Chip Kelly Hired by the Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles finally got there guy and it was an out of nowhere home run.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Chris Mortensen just dropped the bomb on Twitter that the Philadelphia Eagles have hired Chip Kelly to be their next head coach. This is a home run hire for the Eagles. Kelly's offense really does have a chance to work with the right quarterback, and Michael Vick could be just that guy.

As I mentioned on Twitter, follow me @TitansMCM if you aren't already, most people are using the fact that Kelly said he was going back to Oregon to take shots at Nick Saban for lying a few years back. Well Saban has won 3 BCS Championships in the last 4 years, so you can eat it...but in all seriousness, who knows what changed for Kelly to make the decision to jump to the NFL.

My guess is that it was a combination of things:

1. There are rumors swirling around that Oregon is about to get in trouble with the NCAA. It is good to get out just before that happens. Just ask Pete Carroll.

2. The Eagles probably offered him a boatload of money.

3. His stock is about as high as it possibly can get. If he does want to coach in the NFL, he better go ahead and take a job while everyone wants him. That doesn't last foever. Just ask Kirk Ferentz.

Congrats to the Eagles on a great hire. Check out Bleeding Green Nation for all the latest.