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Tom Moore Is A Titan No More

Former Colts OC is on the move just as Peyton Manning needs a coordinator.

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

As this season drew to a merciful close, there was rampant speculation that Tom Moore could be named the next offensive coordinator. It was a pretty logical move to predict: Moore had reportedly been one of Munch's top targets for the spot when he landed the head coaching job, and Moore signed on as an offensive consultant when Loggains replaced Palmer mid-season.

Now that we're just over two weeks into the Titans' offseason, Dowell Loggains has been confirmed as the full-time OC, and Tom Moore has just confirmed to Jim Wyatt that he won't be staying with the Titans for the 2013 campaign. The 73-year old Moore is still gunning for an OC position in the NFL, and that's not in the cards here in Nashville. In all honesty, I think that might be for the best: if Moore had signed on when Munch was hired, he would have likely been a great OC for Hasselbeck, However, given the complex system of option routes Moore made famous in Indianapolis, I don't know that he'd be a great fit for Jake Locker.

Now, Moore is on the open market just as Mike McCoy leaves the Broncos OC spot to become the head guy in San Diego. He could be a natural, and comfortable, fit for Manning and John Fox.