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The Titans Should Cut Kenny Britt

A headache off the field and inconsistent on it. The Titans need to think about cutting the former first round pick.


For those of you bored with the Kenny Britt story, you're not going to enjoy this post. You guys already know that I'm not a fan of his but I want to expand on my argument that Britt shouldn't be a Titan in 2013. I have three main supporting points for this reasoning.

Off Field Behaviour
I'll try and keep this one concise since we've discussed all of his incidents in-depth already. Britt was drafted in 2009 and since that time has accumulated 8 arrests. Let that number sink in for minute. I know most of those weren't 'serious' arrests, or however you want to define them as, but the sheer quantity is mind-boggling. When you're getting close to hitting double digits, it's time to change your behaviour.

"Give him one more chance! He'll change!"

This was a common sentiment amongst Titans fans and one we've heard almost non-stop after every single incident. Early on I understood the point. Britt was perceived as young and stupid, and many of us can relate to that phase. However with this most recent situation it appears Britt isn't going to learn from his mistakes. Hiding from police officers isn't a show of maturity.

On Field Performance
In the comments yesterday you would have noticed Rob and I discussing Danny Amendola's career so far. For someone that received less starts, his production was only slightly below Britt's. This spurred me on to take a closer look at Britt's numbers. Evaluating strictly bulk number production isn't the best metric since Britt's missed so much injury time. With that in mind I turned his game logs.

In 2012, he had only one game over 100 yards. In ten games, he finished below 50 yards. I realize that even these numbers aren't completely fair to Britt because a knee injury results in a long road back to 100%; I still think they're worth noting.

In 2011 Britt had two huge games to start the year (136 and 135 yards) before falling to injury in the third game. It sure would have been interesting to see his numbers if he had stayed healthy.

2010 was the year the Kenny Britt Legend grew. In 5 of his 12 games, he failed to get over 50 yards. Against the Philadelphia Eagles though, the talented receiver carried the team on his back and put up 225 yards. Oh, and Kerry Collins was at QB. Britt would post a 128 yard game later that year as well as finish the season with back to back 80 yard performances.

Finally we get to his rookie year. He topped the 100 yard mark twice that year and fell below 50 eight times.

I sorted by 100 and 50 yards simply because it was the quickest method to do so. If you're curious I'd strongly encourage you to check out the game logs. I found them fairly erratic myself and that was the point I was trying to demonstrate here. Britt has piled up his yards in chunks. Every year he had one or two big games that helped what was an turning out to be an average season (and the numbers still aren't extremely favourable to him).

Injured knees are an extremely difficult injury to rebound from, particularly for receivers. Medical rehab has come a long way but we still see players that aren't able to get back to pre-injury form. Will he be as fast as he used to be? Jump as high as before? I can't play doctor here and give you a definitive answer. Someone in the comments is going to have to clue me in, I can't remember whether he's had one or two surgeries on his knees.


I'm fully aware of the risk in this move. There's a fear that he will go to another team, get his head on straight, fix his knees and turn into a great receiver. I won't deny that possibility, but I don't think it's extremely likely nor do I think it should play into the situation here. The Titans need to do what's best for the Titans and not worry that another team might make him into a better player. To me it seems clear that Britt won't get all three aspects aligned in Tennessee, and that is enough for me to want his release.