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Report: Kenny Britt's Father Says He is Working with New Jersey Police

Daddy is taking up for his little boy.

Marc Serota

*Aside* Sometimes I think Jim Wyatt has the best job in the world. His gets paid to watch NFL practices and football games. It really doesn't get any better than that, but his job has to really suck when he has to cover a guy like Kenny Britt. There is no doubt he has spent most of the last couple of days on the phone trying to get in touch with Britt, people connected to Britt and/or the New Jersey police.

Wyatt has apparently spoken to Kenny Britt's father today, and Britt's daddy says that Kenny is indeed working with the police:

The nonsense here is all on Britt's part. I sincerely doubt the police are lying, so all it would have taken was a phone call from somebody representing Kenny to the police for the so-called nonsense to be cleared up.

But, of course, everything with Kenny Britt is nonsense, so my guess is that it still wouldn't be cleared up.