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Jersey City Police Ask Bud Adams, Titans for Help Locating Kenny Britt

Where in the world is Kenny Britt?

Jeff Gross

What more can we say? At this point the Jersey City police have been trying to speak with Kenny Britt for over two days in connection to a stabbing and shot fired, yet Britt has been as hard to find as he was on the Titans' stat sheet for much of this season.

Here are some key tweets from Jim Wyatt (@jwyattsports):

  • N.J. police captain on Kenny Britt: "At this point he is still not cooperating with police. So whatever statement he puts out is false."
  • Capt Edgar Martinez on Britt: "We are asking anyone who has info of his whereabouts to contact us & that includes the owner of the #Titans."
  • More from Capt. Martinez: "Anybody who has information on where Kenny Britt can be located, please contact police ... at 201-547-5460."

Britt has released statements over the past 24-hours to the effect that he's willing to meet with police, but the fact that he has yet to make contact with the authorities isn't going to help anyone view him as an innocent bystander to whatever happened. The NFL has already made it clear that they'll investigate the situation for potential violations of the player conduct policy. Between that, and any issues that might pop up if Britt is on probation from any of his previous eight police-related incidents, Kenny is doing a great job making himself look shady as all get out.

No matter what happened, Kenny needs to meet with the cops on their schedule, not his. He's walking on very thin ice.

Then again, if this gets much worse it'll give the Titans brass the PR cover they need to jettison Britt and devote more emphasis on the position in free agency.