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2013 NFL Draft: The Case for Drafting Eddie Lacy

The Titans already have a star at running back, so why would they draft Eddie Lacy?

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Let me get this out of the way for you, I would be perfectly OK with the Titans trading their entire 2014 draft in order to get three first round pick so they could get Chance Warmack, Barrett Jones and Eddie Lacy. All three of those guys are going to go on to have fantastic NFL careers after playing on back to back National Championship teams (in case you forgot). So obviously I overvalue all three guys.

With that being said, Eddie Lacy is the PERFECT compliment to Chris Johnson. Lacy does everything well that CJ does poorly.

First off, he can pick up 3rd and 1. That is something CJ has struggle with his entire career. The Titans were very successful when they had LenDale White to pick up short yardage back in the day.

Secondly, he is really good at catching the ball out of the backfield- something else that Johnson has struggled with in his time with the Titans. That means the Titans might actually be able to have a screen game. A novel concept in today's NFL.

I want the Titans to spend their first three picks on Alabama players. That, of course, means they won't draft any, but Lacy would be a nice steal in the second round.