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2013 NFL Draft Rankings: ILB Big Board

The Titans need one as Dan Morg...err Colin McCarthy is always banged up with something and we all saw how extended playing time for Tim Shaw affects him

Alec Ogletree deciding to race the Alabama special teams unit just because
Alec Ogletree deciding to race the Alabama special teams unit just because
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 ILB class just isn't Manti Te'o and everyone else. There are some interesting sleeper prospects thrown into the mix that the Titans should give a long look at in the middle rounds. Colin McCarthy could be the next Dick Butkus for all we know but if he's spending more time on the bench hurt rather than on the field, he becomes a liability. It's time to get insurance for him and potentially place McCarthy to play an utility 'backer role. You can find my big board on Safeties and DEs in the links.

Te'o starts as the default number 1 ILB in the class but Ogletree is quickly gaining on him after much different bowl performances. Three through seven are very interchangeable as we get through the process. The prospects I wouldn't be surprised by if they jumped up a couple of spots are Kiko Alonso and Vince Williams. Alonso is the guy that still haunts Russell Wilson for his 2012 Rose Bowl performance. Williams might be the quintessential Titans pick of late. He was the steady rock that guided the young Noles defense through a transition of a regime change in defensive coordinators from a couple of years ago. Williams really flourished in the since departed for Kentucky Mark Stoops system, ultimately being named captain of the defense his senior year. Minter and Reddick were the unheralded souls of their defense while their teammates got all the glory. Just Missed: Michael Mauti Penn State, Andrew Jackson WKU, Bruce Taylor Virginia Tech.

Name H/W School Class
1. Manti Te'o 6'2 255 Notre Dame Senior
2. Alec Ogletree 6'3 236 Georgia Junior
3 Kevin Minter 6'2 242 LSU Junior
4. Johnathan Bostic 6'1 243 Florida Senior
5. Kiko Alonso 6'4 244 Oregon Senior
6. Vince Williams 6'1 250 Florida State Senior
7. Kevin Reddick 6'3 240 North Carolina Senior
8. Nico Johnson 6'3 245 Alabama Senior