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NFL Playoff Schedule 2013: Ravens vs. Broncos Open Thread

My least favorite athlete of all-time against my least favorite team of all-time.

Doug Pensinger

This is a tough weekend for me in the AFC. I hate three of the four teams still playing, and the fourth has my least favorite sports athlete of all-time in Peyton Manning. However, I hate the Ravens so much that I am willing to cheer for Peyton in this game just so the Ravens are eliminated and Ray Lewis's career is over. I can't stand another victory formation dance.

It is interesting that both of these divisional match-ups in the AFC are re-matches from games earlier in the season. It is even more interesting that both games were blowouts the first time around. Will anything change this time?

My guess is no. Manning has always been really good against the Ravens, and the teams that he beat up on earlier in his career had much better defenses than this one does.

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Use this thread to discuss the game.