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Titans Fire Special Teams Coach Alan Lowry

The Titans continue to make moves that make absoultely no logical sense.

So the Tennessee Titans have fired long-time special teams coach Alan Lowry. Yep, you read that correctly. They didn't fire the man who was in charge of the worst defense in the NFL, Jerry Gray, they fired the man who actually did a good job this season.

Lowry had been with the team for 17 seasons. He is the man who drew up the play, Homerun Throwback, that gave us the Music City Miracle back in 2000.

He is also the man that Floyd Reese wanted fired some years back, but was spared after Jeff Fisher convinced Bud Adams to keep him. That was what started the divide between Fisher and Reese.

I texted one member of the Nashville media asking him what this team is doing, and he said that people inside the team have texted him asking the exact same thing.

The only logical thing here is that Lowry wanted out. It will be interesting to see what Lowry has to say.