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2007 Mel Kiper Re-Draft: Michael Griffin to Broncos; James Jones to Titans

Mel Kiper re-drafted the 2007 NFL draft. The Titans didn't take Michael Griffin this time, but not for the reason you probably think.

Jonathan Daniel

Mel Kiper did his re-draft of the 2007 NFL Draft (In$ider), and this time the Titans didn't take Michael Griffin. You are thinking that they didn't take Griff because he is not worthy of a first round pick, and while you are 100% correct, Mel Kiper disagrees with you. In fact, he has Griff going to the Broncos two spots before the Titans pick(!)

Here is what Kiper had to say about Griff to the Broncos:

He has started 89 of a possible 96 games, has been to a Pro Bowl and played well early in his career. He struggled in 2012, and could be challenged for his job, but he has ability and has carved out a decent career.

He had the Titans taking James Jones, WR, San Jose St. Jones, as we are very aware, plays for the Packers and had a very nice season this year with 98 catches and 14 touchdowns. It is hard to say how good he would be without Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball, but it is hard to argue that he would be the best receiver the Titans have right now.

Here is what Kiper had to say about Jones:

His career sounds a lot better when you consider that within this draft class, he trails only Johnson and Bowe in receiving yards. Jones has never had an alpha role in the Green Bay offense, surrounded by so many other good pass-catchers, but has been remarkably efficient when he gets the chance. Could be Pro Bowl for years to come.