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2013 NFL Draft Rankings: Safety Big Board

We continue our tour of the 2013 Draft class with a stop at the Safety position.

Tony Jefferson. Future Titan?
Tony Jefferson. Future Titan?
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The safety class in 2013 is very deep due to many of the top juniors in 2012 staying in school, which left the 2012 class threadbare and barren. Like the DE class in 2013, the safeties at the top are close to each other and personal preference in how they are ranked. There are 11 legitimate candidates that can go within 4 rounds. The board right now is just preliminary going into the draft process. I'll delve deeper into each candidate as the process moves along. Also the board makes no difference between free and strong as of right now. With that said, here it is!

I ranked Jefferson the top safety overall because he has the best overall skills out of the group and was the most consistent throughout the year. Admittedly the Sooners had a bad bowl game but I'm not holding that against Jefferson. Johnny Manziel was on fire that night and couldn't be stopped. Elam and Vaccaro are a close second and third. The biggest concern I have with Reid, Lester, Rambo, and Shawn Williams is it their true talents pushing them high or is it the talented secondary partner(s) masking their deficiencies. Phillip Thomas is the fast riser of the group.

Name H/W School Class
1. Tony Jefferson 5'10 215 Oklahoma Junior
2. Matt Elam 5'10 205 Florida Junior
3. Kenny Vaccaro 6'1 215 Texas Senior
4. Eric Reid 6'2 212 LSU Junior
5. Robert Lester 6'2 210 Alabama Senior
6. Baccari Rambo 6'0 218 Georgia Senior
7. TJ McDonald 6'2 205 USC Senior
8. Phillip Thomas 6'1 215 Fresno State Senior
9. Shawn Williams 6'1 217 Georgia Senior
10. Duke Williams 6'1 200 Nevada Senior
11. DJ Swearinger 5'11 210 South Carolina Senior