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Mike Reinfeldt Fired for Not Signing Peyton Manning

It sure sounds like Reinfeldt was cut loose yesterday for not getting Peyton Manning in the two-toned blue.


Jim Wyatt has a story this morning where Wyatt says the reason Mike Reinfeldt was fired yesterday was because he didn't sign Peyton Manning last March. Wyatt says that Bud Adams didn't think Reinfeldt took him seriously enough when he told him to get get Peyton no matter what.

If you remember, the Titans didn't get in the Manning race until Adams called Jim Wyatt and made his desire to sign Peyton public. Reinfeldt, Ruston Webster, and Mike Munchak seemed prepared to go forward with Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck. They would have never even talked to Peyton if Adams didn't demand it.

As Wyatt points out, that certainly isn't the only reason that Reinfeldt was fired, but it probably was a significant factor.

It will be interesting to see if Bud promotes anyone to the position that Reinfeldt held. It would seem like it is about time for his grandson, Kenneth, who everyone assumes will take over the team when Bud passes to be in a position like the one Reinfeldt held.