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NFL Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge

As the commercial says, if you thought your fantasy football season was over, think again.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I had never played playoff fantasy football until last season, and it was a blast. The game is over at You can read up on it here, but this is a brief synopsis- You pick one quarterback, two running backs, two receivers, one tight end, a kicker and a defense. You can pick from anyone playing in the playoffs in the first round and you get points based off a pretty standard scoring system.

The interesting part, however, is that if you pick the same player for two weeks in a row, you get double their points in the second week, and it goes to triple if you pick them in the third week. So sometimes it is smart to pick a guy in the first week that is on a bye because you will get double his points in the second game.

I have started a league over there. We are going to do $10 an entry with winner taking pretty much all. 2nd place will probably get his/her $10 back. If you want in, email me, and I will send you the information. You can pay your $10 via PayPal and that is how the winner will be paid. The more the merrier!

Happy New Year!