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Inside The Lockeroom: Season Ending Meeting

After missing Sundays locker room meeting, I return with the first "Inside the Lockeroom" post of 2013.

Frederick Breedon

[Munchak] Guys i just want to say that despite our record, you guys had a great season. I really appreciate you all...coming out every week...and playing your..*snickers* hahahaha I'm sorry. I can't get it out. Hey Ruston! I couldn't do it. I'm sorry fellas, Webster told me i should try and be gentle and spare you're feelings. I just can't. You guys sucked this season. You all stunk up LP Field to the point where we had to call the Jags and ask to borrow tarps. I'm not sure if you all heard, but i'm gonna be sticking around here for at least another season and rest assured the hammer will be dropped multiple times. That's right fellas, Thorchak is back.

Now overall on the defensive side, you guys showed a lot of promise. Similar to my brother Loki. But unlike him, I will not allow you guys to bask in your glory and overshadow the team. No, I will keep you all grounded and you will improve. Everyone! *stares at Griffin* will improve. Otherwise the hammer will be dropped.

On offense, we are gonna come back stronger, faster and more explosive than ever. Much like I did when I reclaimed my powers after becoming mortal. I thought all hope was lost but that's how character is built men. I let go of my ego and became worthy of wielding the hammer. That's what we must do this offseason. We are a group of men gathered from all over the nation and we're gonna stick together. And do you know why?

[Bud Adams] Because we're like Ducks. And Ducks fly together.

[Munchak] That's right Mr. Adams. Just when you think they're about to fly apart....

[Team in unison] Ducks fly together!

[Locker] And when the wind blows hard and the sky is black..

[Team in unison] Ducks fly together!

[Rusty] And when the roosters are crowing and the cows are spinning circles in the pasture!

[Team in Unison].....uhh ok. Ducks fly together!

[Munchak] And when everyone says it can't be done. Ducks fly together. Now bring it in fellas.