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Tennessee Titans Reaction Theater: New England Patriots Edition

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This is how these articles are going to go, when the team plays great I overreact in a positive way, when they stink I overreact in a negative way. This is about to get real heavy real quick, if you don't like how negative I'm out to be please do not continue through the jump.

I was not expecting a blow out win by any means, nor was I expecting a blow out lose....well life is unfair sometimes and that is what we got today at LP Field. I know this is one game, the team is 0-1 and they have another 15 game to play but after today I'm personally not feeling it. The feeling will subside I know but I have spent a ton of time with this team this offseason and was expecting much much more as I know many of you were.

I the words of Jim Mora, "That was a horse sh*t performance, horse sh*t, and I'm totally embarrassed and totally ashamed."

Listen up everyone, the truth hurts and the truth of the matter is that this team is not ready to "make a splash" in the playoffs this season. I'm not saying that they will not make the playoffs because they can turn this thing around and do it. However, they are just not ready to compete with elite teams as of September 9th, 2012.


-Michael Griffin still sucks.......badly.

-CJ and the offensive line still suck as well. 4 yards rushing? Give me a break, I could have ran up to the line and jumped for more that 4 yards during an entire game.

-This defense STILL cannot tackle, last year we saw missed tackle after missed tackle and it seem like this is going to be a trend again this season.

-Leroy Harris continues to be terrible, someone had mentioned that he was pulled in favor of Kevin Matthews at one point during the game. It's easy to blame CJ, he's the star but this offensive line just cannot run block no matter who the back happens to be.

-Drops continue to plague this team and it sickens me.

-This team hasn't been able to compete with semi elite to elite teams since 08'. Yeah, we hung in there with the Saints and so on and so forth but when it comes to the Chargers, (remains to me seen) Steelers, Patriots, etc, etc, we stink up the place. One thing that I did like about today's game is that Tennessee did not seem intimidated by the Patriots.

-By the way, 3 starters were knocked out of today's game. It had to be McCarthy, Locker, and Washington right? The walls are closing in my friends.....they should all be fine however.


-Locker is a breath of fresh air, he made a few rookie mistakes and threw a bad interception but he looked fine for his first start.

-Kendall Wright is going to be a beast, that is all.

-Cook was solid today. If Cook can continue to be solid and reliable it will do wonders for Locker's confidence.

-The Defense gave up a lot of points and quite a few yards but it wasn't the slaughter some of us were there is that.

I'm probably going to lose my job tomorrow, the douche bag co-worker of mine is going to give me hell (he's from Boston) and I'm probably going to knock his teeth out with a les paul. Everyone wish me luck on my future endeavors.