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Patriots 34 Titans 13 Quick Recap


There are so many things that went wrong in that game that I don't really know where to start this recap. The Titans showed today that they still have a long way to go before they are ready to be mentioned with the best teams in the AFC. They are better than they showed today, but they are outmatched in all facets of the game against the Patriots.

The offensive line is horrendous. Last year they were terrible at run blocking but really good at pass blocking. This year they are terrible at both. That does not bode well for the season.

Chris Johnson, though he did not get much help up front, still looks very indecisive running the ball. There is no question that he just isn't the same guy that he was his first four years in the league. Giving him all of that money last season was a terrible decision.

Speaking of giving people money and it being a terrible decision, Michael Griffin still hasn't met a playfake he didn't bite on. He cannot cover anyone or tackle.

We will have a lot more on Jake Locker's day in the next few days, but there was some good and some bad. One of the biggest problems with him is going to be how he hangs receivers out to dry. Nate Washington's "leg contusion" was a direct result of a high throw that left him vulnerable.

On a related note, I cannot believe the Titans tried to pass that off as a leg contusion. Washington laid on the field motionless for a while. I have never seen anyone (else) do that because they had a bruised leg.

There were a couple of good things, but I don't feel like talking about them right now. Join us for MCM Radio at 3:30.