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Tennessee Titans Predictions: First Of The Season Edition

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Who will score the first points for the Titans this season? Who will have the first defensive interception? Predictions for these questions and more are after the jump!

Lete me know what you guys think and be sure to teave your predictions for who you think will step up iin Sunday's matchup!

-First offensive points: Rob Bironas

I believe Jake Locker can move this team into scoring position but they will stall out near the goal line. Look for GUNFINGAZ to send home a chip shot field goal to put the Titans up early.

-First offensive touchdown: Jake Locker

The Titans will be in scoring position and a play will break down near the goal line, Jake Locker pulls off a nice 5-10 yard run to give Tennessee their first touchdown of the season.

-First receivng touchdown: Jared Cook

Cook is going to be an outlet for Locker this season and I am looking for him to have a ton of production in the red zone.

-Defensive tackle: Jurrell Casey

New England will try to test the waters with the run game early to see if they can get it established. Jurrell Casey will swallow up their no name running back on more than one occasion and they will quickly abandon the idea of wasting time with the run game.

-Defensive sack: Kamerion Wimbley

Who else? This guy is going to be a beast this year, you can take that to the bank and cash it. I have even watched him make Michael Roos look a fool a few times during camp, that doesn't bode well for the Patriots who have lots of question marks along the offensive line.

-Defensive interception: Colin McCarthy!!!!!!!!

Tom Brady's confidence will do him in here. Brady will under estimate McCarthy and throw a ball up for grabs to Gronkowski, it will cost him an interception.

My name is Dan Ariks and you can follow me on twitter @danomiteTN